Solar Powered Autoclave

In numerous third-world communities, people have too much sun and not nearly enough money for treatment. A basic difficulty of healthcare throughout the world is sterilization.

Solar-Powered-AutoclaveAutoclaves are commonly made use of to sanitize clinical equipment however can not be managed in many third-world scientific settings.

We look for to take advantage of the power of the sun into a fool-proof and safe device to permit nurses in underprivileged neighborhoods to quickly and effectively sanitize medical equipment for re-use, offering greater quality treatment and lower possibilities of infection.

Such portable devices will also be of use for clinical expeditions to rural settings doing not have in electrical power but bountiful in sunlight. Help communities transform their abundance of sunshine to a wealth of health.

Hawaii Solar

Honolulu Solar

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Hawaii Solar Water Heater Installation

The Solar-Powered Autoclave was granted as one of the World Health Organizations 12 Innovative Technologies to resolve global wellness concerns.

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