Interesting facts about Solar Energy

solar energyThe sun produces its beam and heat onto the earth’s surface at all times. This is sufficient to supply adequate energy to meet the needs of the entire globe. Energy from the sun is harnessed and changed into a useful form through the solar power technology. However, currently only a minute percentage of the energy needed for global use is obtained.

Most of the people are conversant with the solar panels or photovoltaic cells. These are normally found on rooftops, calculators that are handheld and spacecrafts. They are composed of cells that are made up of semiconductor materials similar to those located within computer chips. The electrons in these atoms are knocked loose once the cells are exposed to sunlight. Electricity is generated as these electrons move throughout the cell.

When solar energy is harnessed on a much larger scale, the power plants at various solar installation companies make use of a wide range of techniques. They focus on the energy from the sun as their source of heat. This heat is used to boil the water that helps to turn the turbines. In turn, they generate the same kind of electricity as that produced by nuclear power plants and coal. Therefore, solar energy is also capable of supplying a large number of people with electricity.

One of the methods involves the use of mirrors that are U-shaped and made in the form of long troughs. They are made to concentrate on the sunlight within an oil pipe that runs in the center. The oil becomes hot and is used to boil the water that generates electricity. The other technique makes use of movable mirrors that focus on the rays of the sun in a collector towel where the receiver is placed. It heats molten sand that is passing through the receiver. As a result, it runs the generator.

There are also passive solar techniques such as when big windows are placed towards the sunny side of the building. It makes it possible for the sunlight to heat materials that can absorb heat on the wall and floor. This warmth is retained until night time when it is slowly released to warm the room. In the same way, absorbent plates can be placed on the roof to heat liquids contained in tubes. These supply the houses with hot water.

Some of the main advantages of solar energy are that it is a source of fuel that cannot be exhausted, does not cause pollution and is noise free.


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