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Honolulu Solar Panels

We are a regional solar power business that works hand in hand with various Honolulu building departments and energy companies. This guarantees the most effective process and permits you to make the most of cash saving solar rebates and HECO tax credits. We make it simple and budget-friendly for Honolulu businesses and homeowners to install solar systems by offering system management, FREE solar panel installation, funding and system design.

Photovoltaic (PV)

Our group of extremely trained and specialized installers are right here to help. We specialize in industrial, residential, military and government photovoltaic (PV) installation, upkeep, engineering, funding, permitting, design, and assessment. We likewise provide skilled counsel on energy integration, tax rewards, loans, devices supply and system monitoring.

Solar Energy Systems

Helping Companies and Residents of Honolulu reduce energy usage and reducing their electric expense has been our goal over the past decade. We offer a risk-free complimentary, no obligation, low cost service to any person dedicated to saving cash and lowering the toll on our natural resources. We are committed with assisting people in switching over to solar energy and free price quote to help you started.

Oahu Solar Companies


“We had some “hickups”, however the job was quite simple and the solar installation was quick. The funding was really accommodating, and helped to decrease the initial financial concern. This system needs to pay off in a few years and I could not be happier!The technician was very nice and answered all I our questions. They handled the financing which was quick and easy. They were very prompt with all appointments and installed the system quickly. They also handled all the necessary inspections. The overall process was very painless.”
-Kanoe K. Honolulu HI

“The professional was really good and responded to all I our questions. They dealt with the financing which was fast and easy. They were really prompt with all appointments and installed the system rapidly. They likewise dealt with all the necessary inspections. The total procedure was very painless.”
-Billy M. Honolulu

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